The program for creative entrepreneurs Creative Enterprise Ukraine

Supported platforms “Warm City” in Ivano-Frankivsk held training programs Creative Enterprise Ukraine. Chief organizer: British Council (British Council)

The purpose of the program Creative Enterprise Ukraine – Ukraine support creative entrepreneurs in launching and promoting their own business.

The four-day training designed for entrepreneurs who are creative or startup business and have 3 years experience in the business. Also, the program can join people with a strong idea of ​​who only plan to establish their own creative project.
Participants must submit one of the following sectors: publishing, design, fashion, architecture, visual arts, music, theater / dance, film, radio / TV, photography, video games, digital media, festival management, creative spaces, IT solutions for cultural / creative initiatives crafts.

Methodology Training Creative Enterprise Ukraine developed by British Agency of Business Development and Innovation Nesta, who specializes in creative economy. Training will conduct business mentors from the UK accredited Nesta. Ukraine has become a partner of consulting firm PwC Ukraine.
Training will take Kyiv, Lviv, the Dnipro and tanks. Event in Ivano-Frankivsk held February 27 – March 2, 2017
Participation: registration fee of 400 USD (covers the cost of coffee breaks and office)

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