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CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

One of our main focuses at the moment is strengthening our technical leadership, so we are looking for a CTO to join the team.

Beetroot is growing! We’re diversifying our offers and feel that we need a tech-savvy, passionate about innovation and working in teams, to join our team. We deeply believe in self-management principles so our ideal candidate knows how to lead by example and create an environment for safe discussions and cooperation with various stakeholders. We are hoping to find a candidate who can participate in setting strategy as well as working with the internal IT team, Solutions units, marketing and sales teams.

What we are looking for:
  • Strong technical expertise, ideally a polyglot across several technology stacks: Javascript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java and a passion for learning new frameworks, following the trends in the tech world
  • Previous management experience on different organizational levels (team, unit, organization), preferably client-facing
  • Versatile working experience in terms of models, projects/products, clients, domains or a good understanding of the specifics of different models and methodologies
  • Knowledge of the tech sales process and/or basic BA skills to support the sales team with technical pre-sell, discovery and proposals
  • Superb people skills: the ability not only to explain own views but to listen to others and challenge own assumptions
  • You’re comfortable writing technical articles, speaking at conferences
  • High aptitude & systematic thinking. We want you to be able to quickly grasp our internal delivery nuances, management processes, capabilities, delivery models, etc. and suggest high-level improvements
  • Advanced English level (you should be able to communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, be it clients or colleagues)
  • Drive for constant learning and innovation

Will be a plus:
  • Experience in managing positions
  • Experience establishing learning & development programs, mentoring teammates
  • Experience driving the technical implementation of ISO 27001
  • In-depth experience with AWS, GCP & Azure. Any relevant certifications are a plus
  • Experience developing cloud-native solutions within the above ecosystems, knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Serverless, Automation, etc.
  • Knowledge of how to build an internal IT infrastructure

Responsibilities and examples of tasks:
  • Working with the Beetroot Strategy team on setting high-level plans for the whole company. Providing technical input on business development & marketing initiatives. For instance, defining new technical expertise areas and communicating them accurately from an engineering perspective. Or helping formulate a new offer/service from a technical perspective
  • Supporting our Solutions Unit to plan their structure, design processes, mentor people, set quality standards, help with certain high-level projects
  • Guiding the technical aspects of ISO 27001 implementation
  • Working with the internal IT team on setting the internal infrastructure and creating connections between all the internal systems we use for communication and information sharing
  • Helping with technically complex and strategically crucial hirings
  • Supporting with pre-sales and designing technical solutions for the potential clients
  • Handling delivery escalations and VIP clients personally, together with the sales team
  • Help to organize knowledge-sharing events and workshops

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