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Senior Front-end Developer

Senior Eleks
ELEKS Software Engineering and Development Office is looking for Senior Front-end Developer in all our locations.


  • This is a German-based start-up specialized in artificial intelligence. They develop DataScience models for big insurance companies to process (documents recognition, information processing, and sorting out according to different criteria, collecting and reflecting needed statistics, etc) a bulk of documents that should be submitted by insurance clients. Such an approach should process those documents automatically. As a result, the insurance will become more human, with less unnecessary pain and wasted time for everyone involved. Insurance companies will be able to focus on bringing true value to their customers by allowing their employees to focus more of their time on the customer, rather than the process.
  • The customer is a technology company that would like to enforce its development capacity via ELEKS development and management capacity. Experience and initiative are ranked here very much. They are expecting not only following the existing approaches but to propose something new based on experience. They are flexible and ready to discuss new approaches.
  • Technologies used: Angular 9, TypeScript, Sass. UI Tailwindcss, RxJs, D3.js
  • Project Team: 4 engineers on our side and 20 engineers on customers side
  • Methodologies: Scrum


  • Integration with the DS model
  • New features development


  • Experience with JavaScript at least 5 years
  • 4+ years of experience with Angular 2+
  • Understanding data science and BI concepts


  • Above average compensation and competitive Social package
  • Close cooperation with a customer
  • Competence development
  • Ability to influence project technologies
  • Team of professionals
  • Dynamic environment with low level of bureaucracy
  • Medical insurance
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