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Middle java software Engineer

Middle SoftServe
Our client, a Health Information Technology company based in the USA, is successfully operating on the market for more than 25 years. SoftServe has been successfully partnering with this client to develop software solutions for 5 years. The product fully supports the entire surgical care workflow process, from nurse charting to scheduling patients to postoperative surveys. Every feature has been designed to reduce disruptions to surgeon and nurse workflows. We apply Scrum methodology with two-week iterations and have daily meetings with the Client, along with retrospective meetings, regular demos, and presentations of technical solutions and approaches. Currently, we are on the final stabilization stage.

  • Experienced in Java 2+ years (Java 11 is a plus point)
  • Strongly knowledgeable about SQL (knowledge of DB2 is beneficial)
  • Deeply understanding architectural patterns (CQRS and DDD as advantages)
  • Experienced with Jasper Report, which will be your big plus point
  • Confident in design, defining quality attributes and technical drivers, development of application- and solution-scale systems
  • Experient in technical specifications or architecture visions covering quality attributes, diagrams, associated risks, technical and system requirements
  • Aware of the roles of other stakeholders who do not report to the person but take very active participation in design, decision making, selling, implementation and other activities (like the sales team, delivery team, etc.)

  • Estimation and scope decomposition
  • Risk assessment, defining dependencies and assumptions
  • Technical specifications creation
  • Prototypes and proof-of-concept creation with their further delivery and presentation to the stakeholders
  • Participation in the implementation phase defining and creating the core of that or another system, transferring the knowledge to the development team
  • New technological practice development for the company

  • Work with the latest Healthcare standards
  • Participate in strong Scrum ceremonies
  • Develop high-loaded application using latest technologies
  • Apply the best technical practices and appropriate design patterns with the focus on scalability and maintainability
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